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Types of Independent Contractor Jobs

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Dividing independent contractor jobs into categorical types can be an arbitrary process, when functions, services offered and definitions overlap. Basically, an independent contractor occupation can be any type where the person performing a job has control over how work is performed to achieve the task for which they were hired. Consultants, small businesses, trades people, artisans and self-employed individuals in general can all be termed independent contractors in certain situations, and many jobs would easily fall into all of the example types.


Advisers, whether in the legal, financial, health care, or personal services sectors of the economy all may classify as independent contractors. For example, a tax professional who meets Internal Revenue Service guidelines as self employed would be legally considered an independent contractor. Furthermore, many doctors, pharmacists, accountants and other professionals work as independent contractors -- in other words, they are not on a company's payroll as an employee.

Trades People

Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, hair stylists, wedding planners, auto mechanics, florists, and many other skilled workers that specialize in a trade can be regarded as independent contractors. In addition, the majority of people who work as independent contractors technically own small businesses. For example, the owner of a plumbing business that may employ a dozen or more people and determines how work is performed meets the IRS definition of independent contractor. Correspondingly, the owners of the mom-and-pop catering service can also be dubbed independent contractors.


Many individuals who work in the arts and crafts industry fit the definition for independent contractors. Examples include glass cutters, woodworkers, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, sculptors and writers. The requisite for a position in the arts meeting the definition of an independent contractor is that the creative aspects of the work they perform and how they go about the process is fully under their control. For example, an artist, not on a regular payroll of any company, may be commissioned to paint a mural on a building wall and the artist chooses the methods of how to paint the mural. Thus, the artist would fit the description of an independent contractor.

Self-employed in General

Individuals considered self-employed, regardless of the line of work -- whether the job entails running a website, babysitting, counseling, providing a catering service or mowing grass -- all work at independent contractor jobs. Literally hundreds of occupations fit the description, as long as, in the words of the IRS, the person paying the bill has "the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not the means and methods of accomplishing the result."


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