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The Traditional Clothes for a Nursing Job Interview

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Whether we like to admit it or not, visual impressions count at job interviews. Job recruiters often gravitate to individuals who have a put-together, tidy and professional appearance. Clothing is a major factor in that. If you're looking to secure a job in the medical field as a nurse, looking clean should always be a big priority.

Business Apparel

Make a good impression by showing up for a nursing job interview in standard business apparel, whether a dress or a suit. The goal is to convey the impression that you're serious about a position in nursing. Dress in a manner that lets the interviewer know that you're a professional who is passionate about work -- and that you're taking the appointment seriously. Steer clear of clothing that appears overly laid-back or "fun," such as T-shirts or jeans. Excessively bright coloring is also a no-no. Nursing is a medical position that stresses a high importance on order and hygiene. Always wear clothing that smells clean and is freshly washed and ironed -- free of stains.

Dress Policy

All companies have their own specific rules about dress. Don't assume that this clinic or hospital has the same exact interview dress requirements as your last employer. If you need information about the company's dress policy, calling the human resources division can often be extremely helpful. You can eliminate all the guesswork in dressing for your interview that way. While they probably won't expect you to show up in the trusty scrubs from your previous job, they'll be able to give you an idea of what the standard is for the interviewing procedure.

Examples of Suitable Kinds of Attire

Subtle pinstripe patterns and solid colors both are appropriate for nursing job interviews. Men interested in nursing jobs should opt for suits with dress shirts and ties. Muted colors such as gray and navy blue usually are effective. Women interested in nursing jobs should opt for suits or dresses in similar subtle colors. Modesty is key for all candidates -- no revealing a lot of skin. Dress shirts in pale colors like white, tan, cream and baby blue often help complete a professional outfit. As far as footwear goes, select darker tones such as dark brown or black. Candidates of both genders should stay away from sandals, sneakers and any shoes that expose the toes. Female interviewees should keep heels low.

Outfit Extras

The clothing basics of a nursing interview outfit are undeniably important, as are the outfit extras that accompany them. Go for subtle and light makeup rather than thick eyeliner, blush and red lipstick. Keep all accessories and jewelry simple. Clean hair goes a long way. Neatly trimmed nails are also important. If you decide to wear polish, restrict it to a transparent shade. Male facial hair should be kept trimmed and tidy. Consider any aspect of your physical appearance and presence you can imagine, from piercings and teeth to perfume and cologne. While you want to smell clean, an overpowering fragrance doesn't match well with a nursing atmosphere. Odors in general are a crucial consideration. You want to avoid walking into a nursing interview smelling like your breakfast or much worse -- smoke.

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