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Tow Truck Dispatcher Salaries

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks wage reports for tow truck dispatchers in the category of dispatchers that excludes fire, police and ambulance services. Dispatchers receive calls from those needing service, schedule the job and relay the work order to the tow truck driver, using computers, two-way radios or telephones to fulfill their duties. The bureau also reported that dispatchers typically are high school graduates who receive their training from their employers.

National Wage Data

According to the BLS, tow truck dispatchers earned an average of $37,430 annually, as of May 2010. However, 10 percent earned no more than $21,030 per year, and 10 percent earned $58,610 or more.

Top-Paying States

Dispatchers in Delaware earned the highest average salary, $43,020, according to the May 2010 report from the BLS. In Connecticut, they averaged $42,940, and in Wyoming, they averaged $42,270. The average annual salary in Alaska was $42,220, and it was $41,610 in Nebraska.

Lowest-Paying States

The BLS report for May 2010 showed that dispatchers earned the lowest average salary in South Dakota, where the mean was $29,170. They fared slightly better in Oklahoma, with average earnings of $29,570, and in Mississippi, where their average earnings were $29,960. The mean annual salary in West Virginia was $30,040, and it was $32,030 in Rhode Island.

Top-Paying Cities

Certain metropolitan areas provided average salaries for dispatchers that did not reflect the salaries for the state, according to the BLS salary report for May 2010. For example, the best-paying city in the nation, Longview, Washington, reported average earnings of $50,390, although the state was not among the bureau's five top-paying states. Nor was Texas, but dispatchers in the Fort Worth-Arlington area averaged $48,560 annually. Although Connecticut was among the best-paying states, dispatchers in the Bridgeport-Norwalk-Stamford metropolitan area averaged $47,410, significantly more than the state average. In the greater Salisbury, Maryland, area, the average salary was $46,870, and dispatchers in the greater Merced, California, area averaged $46,720 per year.

Top-Paying Nonmetropolitan Districts

The May 2010 data from the BLS revealed little difference in salaries between the top-paying cities and the top-paying rural areas. In the nonmetropolitan areas of Northeast Minnesota, the average annual salary was $58,840, and in Southeastern Wyoming, it was $48,430. In the rural areas of Maryland's Upper Eastern Shore, tow truck dispatchers earned an average of $47,310, slightly more than the $47,170 they averaged in the Coastal Oregon nonmetropolitan district. In the rural areas of Far Western North Dakota, the average annual salary was $46,320.