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Topics for a Public Awareness Speech

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Public awareness speeches are given by students, politicians and members of interest groups. The main goal of a public awareness speech is raising awareness of a topic. However, even a well-written speech is not going to raise awareness of the cause if the speech is not delivered properly. Using a clear voice, practice your speech and ensure your delivery is effective. Consider such things as your tone of voice, your speed of talking and your expression. \

Drinking and Driving

Raise public awareness of the impact of drinking and driving. Develop a general speech on the impact of drinking and driving or customize your speech to a sub-topic, such as the economic costs of drinking and driving on communities, cities and states or the social impact of drinking and driving on victim families.

Cancer Research

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Create a speech on cancer research and funding. Discuss overall advances in cancer research or make your speech focus on a particular type of cancer, its funding history, and challenges and big wins for that particular type of cancer research. Discussing public perception of particular kinds of cancer, such as pediatric versus geriatric cancer treatment, is another speech option.


Develop a speech focusing on abuse of animals, children, seniors, immigrants or any other population prone to abuse. Talk about the prevalence of the kind of abuse, research and present potential causes and also share positive stories about survivors of abuse.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a concern in many communities, towns and cities. Raise awareness of affordable housing realities in your community while also providing information in your speech on relevant solutions to the housing crunch.

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