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The Average Salary of a Director of Golf

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Directors of golf are paid well, and deservedly so. The job involves responsibility for all elements of a golf facility's operation, which, according to the PGA of America, can include the range and teaching operations as well as the golf shop and the course. Directors face a challenging, competitive environment to support and grow the game at a facility.


It's not mandatory that a director of golf is a trained PGA professional, but directors normally come from those ranks. Because a director of golf occupies a senior management job, it helps to have worked as a head pro to gain experience in golf operations and build ongoing business and golf training that the PGA requires of its membership.

Best-Paid Directors

The best pay for directors of golf comes in metropolitan areas or known golf hot spots. According to a November 2006 Golf Digest study, the median pay for a director in the PGA's New York metropolitan section was $130,000. Directors in the golf-mad North Texas and Florida sections earned a median of $126,500 and $95,000 respectively.

National Median

The national median salary for directors of golf was $85,000, according to the Golf Digest study. By comparison, directors in the Kentucky PGA section earned a median of $69,000.

Directors at Public Daily-Fee Facilities

Directors at public daily-fee facilities tend to earn less. The median pay nationally was $63,985 according to an August 2009 survey. The pay at the 25th percentile was $49,769, and the pay for those at the 75th percentile was $81,741.