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The Average Income of a Cleaning Service Franchise Owner

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Cleaning service franchise owners are entrepreneurs who work under the names of franchise companies. They may specialize in cleaning homes or commercial buildings. In either case, they vacuum, pick up trash, clean restrooms or bathrooms and shampoo rugs. Some may even do minor repairs like fixing faucets or light switches. These cleaning professionals must also purchase their own supplies from their franchise companies, and keep track of their sales and profits. Their salaries are based on the amount of business they generate each year.

Average Salary and Benefits

Cleaning service franchise owners earned annual salaries of $36,000, according to July 2011 information from Their salaries are based on the number of cleaning accounts they establish. Competition in the area also affects their earnings. Like other entrepreneurs, most of these workers must purchase their own health insurance coverage. The extent of their benefits is contingent upon what they want to pay each month.

Salary by State

Cleaning service franchise owners' salaries vary somewhat by state. For example, those in Connecticut earned the highest salaries, at $39,000 per year, according to They also earned relatively high salaries in Maryland, at $37,000 per year. Those in Florida earned salaries of $35,000 annually. And these professionals earned salaries below the national average in Ohio and Oklahoma, at $34,000 and $33,000 per year, respectively.

Highest-Paying Cities

Cleaning service franchise owners tend to earn more in larger cities, particularly along the east and west coasts. One reason is that the cost of living is higher in these areas. Therefore, the franchise owners may charge higher rates to customers, resulting in higher average sales and profits. These professionals earned their highest annual salaries in New York City, at $45,000 per year, according to They earned almost as much in San Francisco, at $44,000 annually. Those in Boston earned salaries of $41,000 per year, and those in Chicago received $38,000.

Job Outlook

The number of jobs for building cleaners, including cleaning service franchise owners, is expected to increase five percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs will be highly contingent upon the number of new businesses established. These professionals may find more opportunities in outlying areas, or small towns, where competition is minimal. Cleaning service franchise owners may not face as much competition from large cleaning firms in smaller towns.