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Texas Constable's Salary

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The Texas Constables is a law enforcement agency in Texas that is one of the many types of peace officers in the state. While constables are paid through each county they work in, the agency is commissioned by the state. According to state code, constables are one of the few types of peace officers that may make arrests and serve warrants outside of their jurisdiction.

State Average

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean salary for constables in Texas is $24.25 per hour and $50,440 per year. The problem with this statistic is that the BLS does not specifically identify constables, but rather, lumps them together with police and sheriff's wages. Because police are administered by cities, and sheriffs are elected county officials, this creates an inaccurate snapshot of Texas' constables salaries. The size of the county and financial resources of each jurisdiction determines how much constables earn throughout the state. The larger the metropolitan area, however, the higher the salary.

Tarrant County

According to the Texas Tribune, as of December, 2010, Tarrant County employed eight county constables for eight precincts. The high salary was $72,738 per year, while the low salary was at $53,456. The average salary for all eight constables was at $66,110, with median salary at $66,716. Tarrant County is in the bustling North Texas region, with the county seat located in Fort Worth.

Harris County

Harris County, home of the sprawling city of Houston, has one of the largest populations in the state. Located near the gulf coast, constables in this area receive a higher wage than those in Tarrant County. Harris County has eight precincts, all of which have one constable. As of December 2010 each constable receives an annual salary of $119,652 per year. Individuals who work for the county constable's office receive wages ranging from $31,158 per year up to $118,290, depending on duties.

Accurate Assessment

Calculating six counties representative of the state's wages, the real average wage of a constable appears to be higher than what the BLS shows. The lowest constable salaries as of December 2010 occur in smaller and less-populated counties. El Paso County constables earn only $52,994, whereas Harris County constables earn the most at $119,652. The average wage of constables, calculated from data culled from six counties: Dallas, Tarrant, Denton, Bexar, Harris, and El Paso, is approximately $82,492 per year.


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