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Signs of Job Promotion

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There aren't always obvious signs that you are getting a job promotion and some signs can be misleading, so don't buy a new car or sell your house for a bigger one until you have officially been offered a promotion. If your boss gives some subtle clues that you are in the running for a promotion, play it cool and keep putting your best foot forward. Your productivity, team-centered work ethic and approachability might just help you take another step up the ladder of success.

Strong Business Sales

When your employer feels good about the company's profits and sees growth in sales and productivity under your leadership, it might be a telltale sign that you are in line for a promotion. If your boss comments on your strong performance, steady business sales, ability to secure new clients or overall benefit to the company, you can rest assured that you aren't being overlooked. However, if there are limited promotional opportunities you might be competing with a coworker for a new job title or pay raise. Maintain a professional approach and don't give your boss any reason to question your goals or abilities.

Healthy Workplace Relationships

Employers typically promote workers who get along well with others and maintain healthy client and coworker relationships. If your boss talks positively about your friendliness in the office, leadership skills, team-centered work goals, cheerful disposition, willingness to submit to authority and ability to focus and problem-solve when you hit workplace speed bumps, you might be the next job-promotion candidate. A good rapport with your direct supervisors, coworkers, upper management, business associates and current clients never hurts in the job world. A boss can often tell when an employee is trying to brownnose for a promotion, so make sure your interactions are sincere and authentic.

New Invitations

A strong sign of a potential promotion is an invitation to an upper-level meeting, a strategic conference or a one-on-one planning session with the boss. New invitations to prestigious workplace gatherings are positive signs that you are headed in the right direction. These meetings are even more significant if you are assigned a leadership role or given management responsibilities over a new project or assignment. An employer might want to test your skills in unfamiliar waters to determine if you are the right person for the promotion.

The Right Timing

Job promotions are often about timing. If there are current or impending changes in your workforce, such as transfers to other offices, new hires, individuals retiring, promotions in upper management or personnel changes in your department, it might mean that restructuring will lead to a promotion for you. When positions open as a result of personnel changes, employers often want to fill them with experienced, knowledgeable candidates who already fit into the company culture and understand the company's policies. Without being overly assertive, you might want to let your manager know that you are interested.


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