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Senior Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

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The role of a senior business analyst is complex and heavily laden with responsibility. A company's management is looking to you to be able to effectively solve the organization's major issues. Before management gives you that kind of responsibility, an interviewer evaluates you to make sure that you can deliver the kind of results that the company needs. When interviewing for a senior business analyst position, expect to be tested on your technical expertise and personality.

Business Analyst Diagrams

Business analysts use many different diagrams in order to communicate and develop plans of action. Once question that may be asked in a senior business analyst interview is for you to list the main diagrams a business analyst uses and describe the use of each. There are numerous diagrams that you could list as a part of your answer, but there are three commonly known main diagrams used by a business analyst: case, activity and sequence diagrams. Case diagrams are used to outline and explain the entire businesses being analyzed. An activity diagram identifies and explains each component of the business case. Sequence diagrams explain the interactions between each different component of the company.

Dealing with Delays

No matter how well a business analyst designs a plan, he has to know how to deal with and expect delays. Delays may occur for many different reasons, including difficulties with company management. When being interviewed for a senior business analyst position, you may be asked to describe a situation where you were faced with a delay and how you managed it. Draw from your professional experience while maintaining business identity confidentiality, if necessary. Consider a situation when company management missed a requirements workshop without notice or held up approval on requirements paperwork, for example. Briefly describe the situation for the interviewer and how you arrived at and implemented a workable solution.

Strategic Thinking

Good business analysts are able to think strategically. A way for an interviewer to test your strategic thinking skills is to give you a scenario-based question. The interviewer may make up a proposed project and ask you if you think the benefits of implementing the project would validate the undertaking by the company. When asked this type of question, you should have information on the company that you reviewed before your interview. Utilize what you know about the company's activities and goals to formulate a response. Give a brief reason of how you logically arrived at your conclusion. You may also want to include what you deduce would be the consequences of the company moving in the opposite direction

Asking Questions

Business analysts are a naturally inquisitive lot. They gain a lot of the knowledge they need to develop a plan by asking questions. Interviewers may be wary of an analyst that is not inquisitive during the interview process. To test this, the interviewer may propose a project to the analyst during the interview that the company is considering undertaking, but keep the majority of the details confidential. The interviewer is evaluating you on what questions you ask about the project, even if it was only mentioned in passing. When formulating your questions, keep them on the topic of the project. Don't dismiss it after a couple of brief questions to ask about other things, such as benefits or perks of the position.