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Salary of School Teachers As Per Sixth Pay Commission

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In India, salaries of government workers are determined by a structured pay scale, known as the 6th-pay-commission pay scale. Passed in 2006, this commission was designed to streamline the pay structure for government employees. In part, this meant shrinking the number of pay grades from 34-to-20 and organizing them into four overriding pay bands. Someone in the lowest pay grade, for instance, will earn Rs 5200-to-20200 INR per year. Since schoolteachers are government employees, their earnings are decided by the findings of this commission.

What Is the 6th-Pay-Commission Pay Scale?

At the time the 6th-pay-commission report was introduced, the pay structure it replaced had become outdated. After the release of the pay scale, teachers at all levels saw an increase in pay that went into effect in 2008. However, in the years that followed, teacher pay once again fell behind, leading to disgruntled workers throughout the country. One teacher with 20 years' of teaching experience reported a salary of Rs 30,000 per year, which is $437.97 in U.S. dollars. Low public employee pay has led many teachers in India to seek out teaching jobs with private schools, where pay is higher.

Salaries of Primary School Teachers

Since the 6th-pay-commission implementation date, India has passed the 7th-pay commission, which increased pay rates by 16 percent for primary and university teachers. Under the 7th-pay commission, primary and high school teachers make Rs 9,300-to-Rs 34,800 plus Rs 4,200-grade pay. The 7th-pay commission also increases the amount of pension teachers can expect to receive when they retire.

Salaries of High School Teachers

High school teachers fare much better than those who specialize in primary school learning. Under the new commission, high school teachers earn between Rs 112,937-and-Rs 494,464 each year. However, as with primary school teachers, this pay can vary dramatically in some areas. High school teachers are specially certified with a B.Ed. They teach students between the class years of grades 5 and 10.

Salaries of Graduate Teachers

For graduate teachers, the pay outlook is about the same as for primary school teachers under the 7th-pay commission. In fact, the pay grade is exactly the same as that of primary school teachers, at Rs 9,300-to-Rs 34,800 plus Rs 4,800-grade pay. College professors can make more depending on whether they’re All India Council for Technical Education approved. Postgraduate teachers make the same as graduate teachers.


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