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Salaries in Biosystems Engineering

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Biosystems engineering jobs typically involve using engineering, mathematical and technical skills for research and design intended to focus on renewable resources, biological systems and environmental issues. Salaries in biosystems engineering are based on the worker’s experience, the industry and type of organization he works for and his geographic location.


According to the University of Tennessee, the median salary for a biosystems engineer as of 2011 was $61,000, with recent graduates of the university earning between $48,000 and $64,000 in the field. The starting salary for workers with a biosystems engineering degree was $50,420 as of 2010, according to the University of Minnesota.


The largest industry for biosystems engineers as of 2009 was architectural, engineering and related services, where the average salary was $82,980, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the industry of management, scientific and technical consulting services, the average was $81,690. The state government offered an average salary of $66,470 to biosystems engineers, while the local government offered an average of $74,650.


According to the bureau, Casper, Wyoming was the metropolitan area with the highest concentration of biosystems engineers as of 2009, earning a salary average of $80,310 a year. The top-paying area was Hattiesburg, Mississippi with an average of $107,860. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ranks third with an average of $106,480 and Bridgeport, Connecticut ranks third with an average of $104,560.

Higher Wages

Experienced biosystems engineers may seek work in more competitive industries with higher wages. For example, those working in computer systems design earned an average of $90,170 as of 2009 according to the bureau, and engineers in rail transportation specializing in biosystems earned an average of $92,690. Biosystems engineers working for business, professional, labor and political organizations earned an average of $93,730 annually and those working for the federal executive branch earned an average of $96,410. The highest-paying industry was the management of companies and enterprises, which offered biosystems engineers an average salary of $97,820 a year.


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