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Requirements to Become a Visitation Supervisor

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Sometimes parents aren’t permitted to see their children without a third party in the room to ensure the child's welfare. A visitation supervisor is present at the meetings to make sure no physical or emotional harm comes to the child. While a visitation supervisor blends into the background of most meetings, she must be very aware of the conversation and actions of everyone at the meeting. A visitation supervisor will sometimes be required to appear in court.

Visitation Supervisor

A visitation supervisor is present at meetings between an adult and a child. Usually they're present because of a court order. While the meeting takes place, the supervisor is responsible for the child's welfare and must take notes about what happens during the visit. In some cases, a visitation supervisor works at an organization and manages meetings between parents who visit their children at the parent's workplace. Other visitation supervisors go to the home of the child or parent to observe the visit.


Visitation supervisors aren’t required to have a particular type of education. Depending on the position you apply for, being over 18 and working with children in the past can be enough. Taking courses in early childhood education and social work can help you obtain positions with more stringent requirements. With a master’s degree in social work, family counseling, psychology or nursing, and post-education licensure in your field, you’ll be more qualified than other applicants and more likely to get a competitive position.


Previous work with children, and experience with supervision, is important for a person interested in becoming a visitation supervisor. Daycare centers and youth centers offer a chance for people without extensive experience to work with children. Prepare a resume with childcare references and proof of first aid and CPR licensure. Some secretarial work and work with at-risk populations such as mentally ill adults will help you manage supervised visits as well.


Check with foster care organizations, public health facilities and social services offices to work as a visitation supervisor. Plan to be tested for drugs and, in some cases, physical aptitude before starting a position. Read the job posting for the exact required experience, then update your resume to emphasize the qualities the employer is looking for. If you have social work experience and a license, you may be more likely to get a job offer since the places that hire you can use you in different positions, making you a more valuable asset.


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