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Political Action Committee Salary

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A Political Action Committee is a private organization created for advancing a certain political issue or idea. Like most organizations, the salary paid to various employees of a PAC varies according to job title and duties. For example, the manager of a PAC, who is likely in charge of fundraising strategy, spending, and big picture planning, will be paid more than the front line workers who are licking stamps and making phone calls. Larger PAC's might have a small full time staff and a list of volunteers they can call on for special events.


The salary of a political action committee manager varies greatly from organization to organization, and relies in large part on experience, location, and size of the PAC. A PAC manager can expect to earn about $55,000 in salary, according to A real world example show that one PAC chaired by former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes, paid $200,000 over four years to the group's president, a number that supports the average mentioned by SimplyHired.

For Hire

Often, a PAC may need only to hire professional services done on a project-by-project basis. For example, a PAC will probably require legal and accounting services from time-to-time and likely will hire it done on a hourly billing basis. Another option is to keep a lawyer or accountant on retainer for a monthly fee, though the ranges of fees, once again, vary widely depending upon the size of the PAC and amount of work it needs done.


Volunteer work is a time-honored tradition of politics and, as such, much of the grunt work done by a PAC staff is free of charge. A small PAC might have only a single person on full time salary, while a larger one retains a light staff in addition. However, when an event is on the horizon that requires manpower, the call goes out to the list of volunteers who have previously expressed an interest in helping. There are plenty of people who are willing to trade free labor in the pursuit of advancing a particular political agenda.


There are few rules or accepted models regarding what is an "acceptable" salary for a political action committee. As such, you can expect that the rates are all over the map, and the average suggested by is just that, an average extracted from job vacancy ads around the country that listed political action committee manager in it. What portion of money a particular PAC chooses to put towards employee salary remains at the organization's discretion.


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