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How to Make the Week Go by Really Fast

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When you find yourself with minimal work to do and catch yourself staring at the clock, it can often feel like your workweek will never come to an end. If you're regularly bored, stressed or unmotivated when you're on the clock, chances are your overall well-being is suffering both on and off the job. Fortunately, your workweek doesn't have to drag by, and there are several adjustments you can make to help the time go by faster.

Stay on Track

It's easy to get distracted when you're bored on the job, but losing sight of what you need to accomplish is a sure way to make your workweek drag by. To make the time pass quickly, stay productive and on track from the minute you clock in until it's time to go home each day. Even when there's minimal work to be done, Forbes states that there are plenty of ways you can keep your productivity up. Organize your email, clean up around the office or place follow-up calls to clients. Staying busy and minimizing downtime will not only help pass the time, it will also help you stand out to your superiors as a motivated and driven employee.

Personalize Your Space

If you dread going to work every day because you're surrounded by cubicle walls or dull scenery, spice it up and infuse your personality into your workspace -- so long as your company allows you to. The simple act of displaying family photos on your desk or trading out your company-branded mouse pad for one of your own can dramatically improve your morale. The more comfortable you feel at your desk or in your office, the more you'll enjoy spending time there and the less time will drag by.

Be a Team Player

Working alone has its advantages, but it can also become boring and dull over time. When you feel isolated and alone on the job, minutes can feel like hours as the workday drags on. Mix it up and make an effort to be more of a team player. Offer your assistance to your co-workers, or ask for help on projects of your own. As you form close professional relationships with your colleagues, you may find that the time passes by more quickly. Additionally, Forbes reports that working with others can help you learn more about the company your work for -- as well as help you hone your existing skills and learn new ones from your co-workers.

Take Steps to Grow Professionally

If you feel underchallenged or stuck in your job, it's easy for time to feel like it's moving at a slow crawl. Spend time finding ways you can help yourself grow professionally. Creating goals and thinking of ways to achieve them will help the week fly by, especially once you start taking steps to make your goals become realities. For example, think of new projects to propose to your supervisor or research some continuing education classes you can take to advance your career. Not only will this pass the time, but it could help you gain a new perspective on your current job -- or lead to a promotion in the future.

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