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List of Odd Jobs

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If you are interested in making money in interesting ways, think outside the box and find some truly "odd" jobs. The world is full of strange and unusual activities that someone will pay you to perform. You will need some imagination, initiative and, in some cases, a bit of courage to make a living in these unusual careers.

Test Subject

Pharmaceutical companies and universities develop and test new drugs. At some point in the process, they recruit willing and adventurous people to act as test subjects. Levels of commitment can vary widely. Some tests involve only a few hours. Others require you to live on site for several days. Depending on what you are testing, side effects may be a consideration.

Professional Bodybuilder

People who get seriously into bodybuilding usually reach a point where they want to test themselves against all the other bodybuilders. Winners of bodybuilding contests often receive cash prizes. It will take you years to develop yourself to the point where you might actually win contests. The gym fees alone might add up to more than you will win. But if you're a dreamer and you want to be huge, this might be the career for you.

Fortune Writer

While it's a myth that there is a person sitting at a table inserting fortunes into fortune cookies by hand, it's absolutely true that a real person writes the fortunes. This is a hard gig to get because fortune cookies are not a growth industry and there are not huge factories employing thousands of fortune cookie writers. If you have a mystical bent and are able to express your ideas clearly on a tiny piece of paper, you may have a future in the field of fortune writing.

Lego Assembler

Being a Lego assembler is the dream job of thousands of 12-year-old boys who have become obsessed with the brightly colored plastic blocks. The Lego company does promotional events in shopping malls and other public places around the world. A few lucky people are employed as Lego assemblers. They travel around with millions of Lego blocks and build amazing creations.


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