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Speech Topics on Crime

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Crime is a very broad speech topic that covers any number of issues related to the law and crime committed against people and property. From crimes of war that have taken place in current and past conflicts, to petty crimes that occur across America every day, a speech on a criminal topic should be factual, well-written, concise and engaging.

Corporate Crimes

A speech on corporate crimes might encompass an overview of what constitutes a corporate crime and how it affects the company in question, its employees and the particular industry as a whole. Or, the speech topic might be more narrow, such as "How Corporate Crimes Contributed to the Financial Collapse of 2009," for example. You can also focus on certain aspects of corporate crime, such as fraud, money laundering, racketeering, insider trading and more.

Organized Crime

This speech topic lends itself well to a historical setting because, while organized crime is still an issue in today's society, the stories of the mob and its antics back in its 1920s and 1930s heyday is the stuff of legend. You can do a speech on prominent mobsters or the role of the mob in various aspects of society. You can do a more narrow speech on areas of the U.S. where organized crime is more of an issue than others or how organized crime came to the United States.

Hate Crimes

This is a more contemporary speech topic in which you could discuss how hate crimes have become prevalent in current society, what characterizes a hate crime and the evolution of hate crime legislation. You could also speak on how law enforcement addresses hate crimes or how a hate crime is identified. This can be a sensitive topic, so back up all of the opinions in your speech with hard facts to lend credibility to your passionate opinions.


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