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What Are the Duties of an Aircraft Deicer?

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aircraft deicers remove ice from aircraft. Planes cannot legally fly with ice, and deicers remove the ice to clear takeoff. Deicers also remove ice from planes once they have landed. "Aircraft deicer" can refer to the technical position or the chemicals used to remove ice from the plane. The position requires a driver's license and training in aircraft inspection, deicer equipment operation and maintenance.

Deice the Aircraft

The primary role of the aircraft deicer is to remove ice from the aircraft. The individual in this position inspects the aircraft for ice and for remaining frozen contamination after the deicing has been performed. He or she sprays the airplane down with the deicing fluid, which is usually made of glycol.

Equipment Operation and Maintenance

The aircraft deicer must operate the deicing equipment in order to effectively remove ice from the plane. The typical equipment includes a cherry picker or lift truck, tank, pump and hose pressure sprayer. The deicer is lifted high above the airplane, where chemical deicer can be sprayed over the iced body of the aircraft. The deicer must drive the truck and operate the lift bucket to raise himself into the correct position for deicing.


The aircraft deicer must be able to communicate the iced conditions of the aircraft to his supervisor and any management. He will communicate the amount of deicing fluid used and how long the job took. Paperwork documenting the job must also be completed to properly invoice the airline or aircraft owner for deicing services.


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