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First Responder Requirements in Georgia

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When emergency situations occur, it is essential for trained medical personnel to arrive on the scene as soon as possible to provide medical care, reduce the extent of injuries and control traffic. A first responder is the first individual to arrive at the location of an incident and perform vital actions. The state of Georgia has specific requirements for first responders.

CPR Training

CPR training is a required prerequisite for all Georgia first responder training courses, and individuals must gain certification from an approved CPR training course. CPR training is essential for first responders since they are the first people to arrive on the scene, and they may have to try to resuscitate victims who are not breathing and/or do not have a pulse. Georgia CPR courses are typically offered through the American Heart Association. First responders usually complete CPR training courses for health care providers such as the Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health care Providers, which includes life saving methods on adult and child victims.

First Responder Training Course

All aspiring first responders must complete an approved first responder training course. The state of Georgia requires the course content to be planned and implemented using a course guide or related outline developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Certified EMT instructors or paramedic instructors teach the first responder courses and all courses must include at least 40 hours of instruction. First responder courses provide training on how to provide effective emergency care. Students learn how to evaluate the conditions of victims and determine serious conditions such as trauma and shock. The course provides instruction on how to dress wounds, administer oxygen and provide basic treatments. First responder courses typically include classroom instruction and practical learning experiences.

National Certification

The Office of Emergency Medical Services, which is a section of the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Public Health Office, recommends all graduates of an approved first responder course obtain First Responder certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). Individual seeking certification as a first responder must have graduated within the previous two years from a first responder course approved by the state of Georgia that meets the first responder course requirements established by the U.S. Department of Transportation. First responders must also hold a current CPR for health care providers certification and complete psychomotor and cognitive examinations. The cognitive examination measures competency in emergency medical care and the psychomotor examination enables individuals to demonstrate their EMS skills.


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