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Top 10 Global Warming Jobs

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Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are on the frontlines of the fight against global warming. This broad field of science can include marine biology, chemistry and ecology among other specific scientific areas.


Consumers and tourists are becoming more educated and responsible about the impact they have on the environment. Ecotourism takes advantage of this niche in the tourism market. Jobs can include everything from eco-friendly tour guides, to wildlife conservationists, to workers on an ecotourist cruise ship.

Wind Energy

There are many jobs in the growing field of wind energy, such as wind turbine machinists, wind energy technicians, wind analysts, wind farm construction managers and even sales positions. Wind is a renewable energy that is more in demand than ever.


Hydrologists work to understand how water is affecting our environment. Jobs in this field can include working for a hydroelectric plant or working to analyze the quality of water in certain areas.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

Creating alternatives to gasoline-based automobiles is a high priority in the fight against global warming. Jobs related to engineering and manufacturing electric vehicles can only continue to grow.


As the impact of global warming becomes more apparent, our forests will suffer. Forest fires are prevalent every summer in the U.S., resulting in a demand for forest firefighter jobs. Forest management is also a career field that is related to counteracting global warming.

Solar Energy

Solar energy panels are increasing in popularity, which means that the number of jobs for solar energy panel engineers, technicians, and installers are also increasing.

Recycling and Waste Management

The practical side of combating global warming is to reduce the waste we produce. Professionals in this field can develop more efficient ways of helping people protect the environment. Engineers can develop new ways of processing waste and possibly someday find a way to recycle one-hundred percent of all waste created.


A climatologist studies the changes in climates long-term, not just the current weather like a meteorologist does. According to, a climatologist can make between $55,000 to $95,000 a year.

Organic Farming

Mass production of food can take a toll on our environment, but organic farming has increased as a way to help protect against global warming. Organic farms are generally smaller, locally owned farms that put green practices above making a buck. As more consumers place preventing global warming higher on their priority list, the demand for organic farming has increased.


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