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What Are the Duties of a High-Level Executive Assistant?

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Managers and executives can require assistance when completing their work tasks, such as setting up sales meetings. A high-level executive assistant offers administrative support to these professionals. According to the Diploma Guide, the education requirements for this position may include an associate's degree. Additional requirements may involve research abilities, computer software skills and interpersonal skills.

Administrative Duties

High-level executive assistants perform routine office duties when working in a smaller offices. These include making telephone calls, researching gift ideas and accepting delivery packages. In a larger office, high-level executive assistants may supervise workers who perform these duties, such as receptionists.

Financial Records Management

Financial records management includes updating expense accounts, checking corporate credit accounts and processing payment requests. The assistant is responsible for keeping these financial documents in a safe location. In doing this work, executive assistants have access to sensitive personal information, such as Social Security numbers, and they see personal information when working with financial records. Discretion is a must.

Representation at Meetings

When managers, directors or department executives can't attend a meeting, the high-level executive assistant can represent the executive. These meetings can involve dealing with suppliers, vendors or other executives. The executive assistant must represent the company in a professional manner. Some assistants need to resolve disputes and inform the executive when a problem is not resolved quickly.

Travel Arrangements

An assistant makes travel arrangements for managers and executives. This includes calling hotel reservation desks and handling car rental reservations. Some executives have special requests, such as dietary needs, and the assistant must keep track of them. The high-level executive assistant confirms travel schedules and informs the executive.

Document Control

Office paperwork requires reviewing, updating and filing. Documentation creation can involve memos, form letters and company invoices. Some of these documents require managerial signatures before the assistant can file them. High-level executive assistants receive training on how different documents are handled. Documents are stored in cabinets or transferred to a computer.


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