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What Careers Use Spreadsheets?

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The use of spreadsheets is widespread in various industries. Spreadsheets are electronic worksheets that help various professionals make complex calculations and mathematical comparisons at just a glance. Spreadsheets can also be used for more simple business and other professional activities. Spreadsheets have become a mainstay in certain occupations where they help to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of time spent making manual calculations.


Accountants are financial professionals who rely upon spreadsheets to keep track of important financial information. Accountants make sure that financial records are as accurate as possible so that the businesses they work for can run as efficiently as possible without any unnecessary waste or expense. Aside from working for corporations and large companies, accountants work for government agencies, individuals and small businesses. Accountants use spreadsheets for reconciliations, record-keeping and financial analysis.


College professors and teachers at all levels use spreadsheets for keeping track of large numbers of students. In addition to using spreadsheets for grade books, some professors use spreadsheets to keep a data file on their students that includes things like contact information, student identification numbers, the student's major field of study and other information like hobbies. This proves to be especially helpful in a university setting where professors may have more than 100 students in a class and multiple classes with large numbers of students. Depending on their field of research expertise, professors may use spreadsheets for conducting advanced research of a quantitative nature.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts are researchers who conduct financial research on behalf of corporations, banks and government agencies. They sometimes work for individuals as well. The analysis they provide helps these individuals and entities make important business decisions. Financial analysts use spreadsheets to compare important financial trends. Spreadsheets allow financial analysts to put together complex financial reports that they can use to influence the business and investment decisions of their employers.


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