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List of Nevada's Natural Resources

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The state of Nevada has a surprising array of natural resources. Some of the country’s most valuable resources, including precious metals, have been mined in this state. These resources have been distributed to other states in the nation and exported around the world, which supports Nevada’s economy. In addition, Nevada's natural resources have enabled the state to become one of the country’s more popular tourist destinations.

Water Resources

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Nevada's natural water resources are highlighted by the Colorado River in the southern portion of the state and Lake Tahoe in the west. These bodies of water provide recreational tourism to the state and provide Nevada with the means to generate electricity using hydroelectric dams and other water-harnessing equipment. The power generated through water resources keeps the lights turned on in many Nevada homes and businesses.

Precious Metals

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The most valuable minerals mined in the state of Nevada are gold and sliver. These precious metals have been mined from the state since the 1800s with the promise of riches inspiring many pioneers to move out West. According to Net State, an online resource for state resource production, Nevada produces nearly 75 percent of the gold mined domestically in the United States. Nevada is also a national leader in silver mining.

Agricultural Resources

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Nevada's plateau topography makes it ideal ground for cattle grazing. This allows the state to support large populations of animal herds--from sheep to cattle and even bison. Hay and other feed grown in the state are also exported to nearby states such as Colorado, Utah and Arizona. Wool and other natural animal byproducts are exported to textile mills across the United States.

Other Mined Resources

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Nevada has other mined natural resources that are exported to companies across the country. Limestone, gypsum, small oil deposits, salt, lithium and clays for construction and pottery are all mined inside the state. These resources are extracted under the supervision of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to ensure all applicable environmental laws with regard to mining are adhered to.


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