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Requirements to Become a Firefighter in Memphis, Tennessee

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To become a firefighter in Memphis, Tennessee, a candidate has to meet testing and certification requirements and fulfill other qualifications. Requirements include U.S. citizenship, a high school or equivalent diploma, a driver's license and being 21 years of age. Candidates must also pass a health physical that meets the National Fire Protection Association Standards. Firefighters in Memphis must work 24-hour shifts and a total of 56 hours a week under conditions that are demanding both physicallly and emotionally.

Academic Competencies

Candidates who wish to join the Memphis Fire Department must meet the following requirements: one semester of college level math or algebra and two semesters of college level English. They also must take the Academic Assessment Placement Program (AAPP) Examination. An alternative is to provide ACT scores or accumulated college credits.

Emergency Medical Technician Certification

New recruits must also meet various standards to continue their employment. One of these requirements is to complete coursework and testing toward certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-Intravenous and maintain this certification within one year of employment.

Firefighter Certification Program

Also within one year of hiring, all new employees must progress through the State of Tennessee Fire Fighter I Certification Program. Within three years of employment, they must continue this certification by progressing through the Fire Fighter II Certification Program.

Paramedic Certification

As a final condition of continued employment, employees must become licensed by the state of Tennessee as a Paramedic (EMT-Advanced). This condition must be met within three years of employment.