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States That Don't Require ARRT Certification

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Radiologic technologists can become certified in their profession, although it is not required in all states. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) offers certification to qualified candidates. Many states use the scores from the ARRT examination to help make licensing decisions. As of May 2014, 11 states do not require licensing or ARRT certification for workers in this field.


Alabama does not have state-licensing or ARRT exam requirements for professionals in the radiology field.


Alaska does not have a state licensing requirement but does require formal training in radiologic services. Larger facilities with accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) often do not hire applicants without ARRT certification.


The state of Georgia does not require licensing or the ARRT exam for radiologic technicians or operators of X-ray equipment.


Idaho does not require radiologic technicians to obtain licensure or pass the ARRT exam.


Michigan does not have licensing requirements for radiographers or those who work with X-ray equipment; however, anyone who works with mammography equipment must pass the ARRT exam or meet the standards of issuance for a certified technician through ARRT.


Missouri does not license or have credentialing requirements for operators of radiologic equipment.


Nevada operates in a similar fashion as Michigan. If a technician operates mammography equipment, she must pass the ARRT exam; otherwise, she is not subject to licensing or credential requirements.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not require operators of radiology equipment to obtain a license or seek credentials.

North Carolina

North Carolina does not require a license or ARRT exam for operators of radiology equipment.

North Dakota

North Dakota does require general diagnostic operators to pass the state, ARRT or American Chiropractic Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ACRRT) examinations. It does not require limited-use operators to pass an exam. Limited-use operators can perform chest, ribs, abdomen, podiatry, skull/sinuses, extremities and/or spine services only. Limited-use operators must complete a course on the subject and have a passing grade in the subject.

South Dakota

No licensing or ARRT exam requirements exist in South Dakota for those practicing radiology. A person with 24 hours of training by a qualified instructor may perform X-rays. Dental radiographers must have at least 16 hours of training.