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Heavy Equipment Operator Requirements in Florida

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Florida heavy equipment operators may operate machinery such as forklifts, cranes and bulldozers. This is a highly specialized field that requires training and skill. Heavy equipment operators must also be able to perform maintenance and repairs on the equipment and may travel to and from construction sites with their machinery.

Commercial Driver's License

Heavy equipment operators in Florida must posses a commercial driver's license or CDL. In order to obtain this license, the operator must have a valid Florida driver's license and be over the age of 18. In Florida, additional documents such as a DOT (department of transportation) physical and a social security card may be required to obtain a CDL. Those who wish to obtain a CDL must pass a written and a driving exam before the license will be issued. Florida residents who wish to apply for a CDL license should check in their own county for any additional requirements.


In order to operate heavy equipment in Florida, it is important to have a working knowledge of heavy equipment and experience with this type of machinery. This may include becoming familiar with traffic laws, safety rules, hazards, operation of equipment and maintenance of heavy equipment. In some states such as Florida, it is necessary to obtain a license for a specific piece of heavy equipment such as a crane. Crane operators must obtain a certification by passing a written test as well as a skills test. Other requirements include passing a DOT physical and being over the age of 18. Heavy equipment operators are required to maintain any certificates or licenses needed to perform their job in the state of Florida.

Physical Requirements

Heavy equipment operators must meet certain physical requirements. These requirements may include having vision that is adequate to drive and judge distances and the physical ability to operate and move heavy equipment. Climbing up and down large pieces of heavy machinery often requires the operator to have good balance and be agile. Lifting heavy objects may be required when operating heavy equipment and all operators must be able to lift heavy weights on a daily basis.


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