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Steel Fixer Duties

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Every large or small construction project needs workers to construct and secure the steel foundations and bars that keep a building's walls and exteriors in place. The specific type of worker that is responsible for this important construction duty is called a Steel Fixer. This worker installs work beams and pre-cast slabs so that the building has a secure foundation, no matter how big the construction project is.

Fixes Steel to Concrete Slabs

In order to complete a large building's walls, it is necessary to construct metal or steel beams from the building's foundation to the top of the building's roof. A Steel Fixer will install these metal beams by setting them into place at the still wet concrete slabs located on the building's main foundation. When the Fixer places the beam down into the still drying concrete, more concrete is poured onto the area, thus securing the beam into place.

Sets Up the Work Space

As construction on a building begins, the Steel Fixer will view the project's main blueprints and schematics to examine where all steel beams will need to be set. By viewing the exact locations that will be using the most amounts of steel for support beams, wall placements and other construction necessities, the Steel Fixer will order the precise amount of steel beams needed to complete the job. He will also confer with the construction supervisor regarding when these steel beams need to be set in place in order to stay on schedule.

Constructing Reinforcement Bars

As a building starts the construction phase, it is necessary to construct wire cages around freshly set concrete beams in order to reinforce them. A Steel Fixer will make these wire cages by tying lighter steel material together in a mesh pattern and secure these steel wires all around the concrete beams before more concrete can be poured near the construction's main foundation site.

Reinforces the Steel

Before and after metal and steel work has been installed into a construction project, it is a main job duty of the Steel Fixer to use powerful hydraulic jacks and specific steel tension equipment to reinforce the steel itself. When the steel fixer uses a hydraulic jack to pound the steel into place while the construction project is still being completed, the steel will be more heavily secured into the concrete foundation in a very safe manner, leading to a stronger beam foundation support.


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