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Lifestyle Manager Duties

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A lifestyle manager—commonly known as a personal assistant—performs any task or duty that helps the employer get through life easier and more organized. The lifestyle manager can work for executives, individual business owners or even busy mothers. This person must be multi-talented because she is the right-hand assistant to her employer and is relied on to perform a number of responsibilities.

Personal Duties

Since a lifestyle manager manages one’s lifestyle, performing personal duties for the employer is often part of the job function. These responsibilities may include running errands, scheduling appointments, driving and making personal travel arrangements for the employer.

Clerical Duties

There are often clerical responsibilities associated with a lifestyle manager. These responsibilities may include taking incoming phones calls and answering e-mails, faxes and blog posts for the employer, if applicable. The lifestyle manager also researches information, as necessary, for her employer and may attend meetings to take notes. She also coordinates arrangements for business meetings and travel.

Technical Duties

To be entrusted with managing one’s daily personal needs, an individual working in this line of work must be technically savvy. In addition to operating technical office equipment for the employer, the lifestyle manager needs to master technical computer applications, including word processing, databases, e-mail and Internet access and navigation. Technical responsibilities may also apply to operating heavy machinery or equipment for, or with, the employer.


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