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The Advantages of Digital Broadcasting

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Digital broadcasting has many advantages. It allows the consumer to choose from multiple methods of receiving television signals at multiple resolutions through a variety of media. As technology advances, it also changes the way people receive digital media and experience their favorite programs and movies. With so many ever-expanding options, digital broadcasting has truly closed the door on analog viewing.

Greater Bandwidth

Signals broadcast digitally have the advantage of greater bandwidth than analog transmissions. High-definition television is only available with a signal that's broadcast digitally. This is not the only format supported by digital media. High-definition and standard-definition digital signals are broken up into one of five signal patterns to accommodate multiple aspect ratios. This translates to a crisper picture for the consumer, regardless of the size of his digital television.

Automatic Tuning

A consumer need not worry finding the resolution that is appropriate for her television. Digital signals automatically tune to the proper format resolution. This alleviates consumer anxiety surrounding electronics. With the assurance that their television is going to work no matter what bandwidth their signal is working at, consumers are free to purchase for the aesthetic and technical value of the given television, whether that be plasma, LCD or others.

Multiple Reception Outlets

There are multiple ways to receive a digitally broadcast signal. The most common way is through a cable connection commonly referred to as "digital cable." Users are also able to receive the signal via satellite with the use of a dish. Advances in technology have also allowed digital broadcasting to run through DSL Internet connections and through mobile phones. There are now many televisions built with this desire in mind, many including hookups to accommodate a computer-to-television entertainment system.


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