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A List of Careers That Use Algebra

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When you went through school through school, teachers forced you to learn all different types of math with the simple explanation that you would need it in the future for work. A basic form of mathematics, algebra is nevertheless among the most commonly used forms of math in the workforce. Although relatively simple, algebra possesses a powerful-problem solving tool used in fields ranging from engineering to business.


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Many different disciplines of engineering exist today such as mechanical, petroleum and civil. Engineering utilizes math—more specifically, calculus and algebra—to solve physical problems such as how to build a bridge or design an airplane. Take designing a rocket going to the moon, for example: An engineer must use algebra to solve for flight trajectory, how long to burn each thruster at what intensity and at what angle to lift off. Though a very difficult, math-heavy discipline, engineering provides a very rewarding career both in achievement and pay.


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Along with statistics, business people utilize algebra to the core. Accountants need algebra to balance spreadsheet after spreadsheet of spending reports. Bankers use algebra to calculate interest, taxes and every other duty pertaining to the industry. Business owners use it to calculate cost, revenue and margin of profit. Algebra will always have a part in every aspect of business.


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Architects use algebra even more than businessmen do. Many people believe that architects simply draw pictures of buildings. On the contrary, architects must use geometry and algebra in order to draw a correct scale of the building onto a blueprint. Every angle for every corner, every curve along the walls, every lighting fixture requires algebra for the most precise measurements.

Whether you choose a career with business, engineering, architecture or nearly every other career in the world, you can count on algebra playing an integral role.


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