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How to Join the Salvation Army Band

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In order to join the Salvation Army band, you must first identify a Salvation Army in your area and join your local chapter. According to the Salvation Army, some of their more elite bands are considered to be among the most outstanding groups in the world, so membership opportunities may be very limited.

Types of Bands

Within the Salvation Army, there are many different types of bands, including the corps church band, regional bands, youth bands, staff bands and fellowship bands. The requirements to join each band will vary based on your experience, position within the Salvation Army, and the opportunities available in your area. In most instances, an individual wishing to join the Salvation Army band would start in a regional band and work her way up to more exclusive Salvation Army bands.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a Christian charity organization in 126 countries, which strives to bring physical and spiritual salvation to the poor. It is not possible to be a member of the Salvation Army band without first joining the Salvation Army. In order to join the Salvation Army, you will be required to attend religious ceremonies, undergo training and volunteer charitable services.

Joining the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army's website states that Salvation Army church services are generally open to the public regardless of membership. In order to join the Salvation Army, you should begin by attending church services in your area and inquiring about membership. Becoming a member of the Salvation Army requires a dedication to God as well as attendance in a series of Salvation Army classes, a commitment to public service, and acceptance by the ranks of your local organization.

Joining the Salvation Army Band

After you have been sworn in as an official member of the Salvation Army, you should contact the head of your local chapter's band to inquire about a position in the band. The Salvation Army does not disclose the requirements for band membership, but following your acceptance as a member of the Salvation Army, you will likely be asked to audition in order to ascertain if you are qualified to perform with one of the Salvation Army bands in your area.


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