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Jobs for Retired Lawyers

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Although retirement is usually a time for relaxation and leisure, the face of retirement is changing for lawyers, says the "New York Law Journal." Due to economic hardship, longer life expectancy and cultural changes, many retired lawyers are now looking for jobs that will bring in extra money and allow them to remain engaged and active in community. With a juris doctorate and a solid work history, retired lawyers qualify for many lucrative and flexible positions in both the private and public sectors.

Teaching Jobs

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As an experienced lawyer, you may be a good fit for an adjunct teaching position at a law school even if you have no previous teaching experience. Attorney Nena Street of the blog Lawyerist explains that experienced attorneys are particularly well suited to teach upper-level electives. Street further states that law schools are often open to attorneys who want to "pitch" a new, specially designed course in their area of expertise.

Legal Assistance Positions

If you are more interested in remaining engaged with the legal community than with making money, consider pro bono work. Many courts and nonprofit legal aid groups are actively enlisting retired attorneys to assist low-income clients. In 2010, the New York court system recruited more than 120 retired attorneys to work in an attorney emeritus program designed specifically with retired lawyers in mind. Programs such as these are on the rise and "there is no shortage of work for volunteers," explains the "New York Law Journal."

Legal Writing

For retired lawyers looking for a flexible job that will allow them to work from home, a freelance legal writing business may be a good fit. Freelance legal writers produce practically all types of materials pertaining to the law, including legal news, industry-specific journalistic features, white papers, blog posts and case law summaries. If you miss more traditional law firm work, professional legal writers may act in a paralegal capacity and draft memos, motions and briefs.

Consulting Tracks

Consulting is a broad field, and the duties of each project can vary significantly. Legal consultants often work with private corporations or nonprofit groups to conduct research, identity problems and conceptualize solutions to those problems. Companies also may use legal consultants to train staff members on their rights and responsibilities under the law. If you are an expert in a particular subject matter, your consultancy work may involve serving as an expert witness and analyzing materials in preparation for litigation.


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