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Job Responsibilities of a Navy Yeomen

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Someone has to deal with the piles of paperwork the Navy processes each year. This is essentially a yeoman's job. Navy yeoman are responsible for keeping operations running smoothly through administrative and office work. They mostly work with records, paperwork and databases. The Navy considers these workers the heart of their operations. A yeoman position is a good fit for highly organized and disciplined individuals with strong communications skills.

Job Description

A yeoman Navy job is essentially an office or administrative position. Duties might include filling out or transcribing reports, organizing and sorting files, handling phone and in-person communications, keeping up records and performing other administrative and office functions. A yeoman must demonstrate computer fluency, strong communication skills and attention to detail. You should know how to use basic computer applications such as word processors and email, as well as how to use a copy machine. Data entry skills are a huge plus. The good news is, the Navy thoroughly trains yeomen in these skills, so even if you are inexperienced you can still choose this career path.

Education Requirements

To join the Navy, you must have a high school diploma or some equivalent certificate, such as a GED. It is not necessary to have a college degree to become a yeoman. If you decide to pursue higher education, the Navy will pay for all or some of your degree. Once you enlist in the Navy, you will complete boot camp. After boot camp, you will be sent to “A” school in Meridian, Mississippi. This is a seven-week program that trains you in the necessary skills to become a yeoman. You will learn all about administrative functions and how Navy reporting and processing works.


Compared to the varied Navy job descriptions, a yeoman’s role and work environment is relatively simple. A yeoman works in an office environment, whether stationed on a ship or at headquarters. Depending on the individual assignment, a yeoman might work independently, as part of a team or under the close supervision of a superior.

Years of Experience and Salary

A Navy yeoman can make anywhere from $30,000 to more than $75,000, depending on rank. Pay is very much tied to rank in military jobs.

The Navy has quite a few ranks, including: seaman apprentice, seaman, petty officer, ensign, lieutenant, commander, captain and admiral. Further, many of these ranks have different levels of seniority within each category. Starting off as a seaman, you will earn a salary on the lower end of the spectrum. However, there are many opportunities for advancement and promotion, earning you a higher salary. Promotions are based on performance, so a strong work ethic will give you a leg up. Remember, too, that Navy jobs come with many benefits outside of just salary. These benefits might include housing stipends, bonuses and stipends for any time when you are deployed.

Job Growth Trend

Recently, the Pentagon released a five-year plan to grow the Navy by 25,000 seamen. Additionally, dozens of ships will be added to the Navy’s fleet over the next few years. The Navy will likely need more administrative and support staff to assist with this growth. Further, as data collection and security becomes increasingly important, the Navy will likely be adding many upper-level positions for yeomen.


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