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Job Description of an Administrative Consultant & Liaison

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Administrative consultants are sometimes described as a company's backbone. Thanks to the completion of several duties completed by the administrative consultant, offices can run smoothly and efficiently. However, depending on the education level, employer and terms of employment, the salary and job description of an administrative consultant can vary greatly.

Behind the Scenes

Administrative consultants and liaisons are often called a successful business' secret weapon. The duties they complete behind the scenes are often the reason why a company continues to function smoothly. Some of these functions include scheduling appointments, data entry and filing. Other times duties can be anything that supports the staff such as drafting emails, following up with clients or compiling research. In medical or legal settings the duties can be more industry specific.

Education Requirements

Though most administrative consultant jobs require a high school diploma, many employers now prefer administrative employees have an associate degree or higher. Some people in the field go as far as earning certifications such as the Certified Administrative Professional certificate or more specific certifications like Legal Secretary Specialist certification.

Special Skills

Most administrative consultants and liaisons can learn the job within a few weeks of training. However, it is still beneficial to have a few special skills to earn the position. Because they spend a lot of time on a computer, it is expected that administrative consultants have basic computer and typing skills as well as exceptional organizational skills. In order to draft emails and letters for office communication, they must also be adept with grammar and writing. Having integrity and interpersonal skills lends a hand to an administrative consultant's ability to effectively act as a liaison between customers and staff while handling confidential information.

Earning Potential

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median wage for secretaries and administrative assistants as $35,330. However, the wage may vary depending on what industry they work in and their work schedule. Most administrative assistants get paid a salary based on a full-time schedule. However, some work a flexible schedule. Career website reports the average salary for administrative consultants is $36,000.


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