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Interview Questions for Attendance Clerks

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Attendance clerks work in a variety of organizations, such as educational institutions and business of all sizes, where they monitor the attendance of students and staff. This position is typically part of the human resources division. Interviewing for an attendance clerk position involves questions related to organization, time management, interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution.

Organization Skills

Attendance clerks keep accurate records of who attended class or work that day and who did not. They also record information regarding the cause of absence. If a doctor's note or other authentication is provided, they copy and note in the individual's file that documentation was provided. A high level of organizational ability is required for attendance clerk work. Appropriate interview questions could include, "How do you keep organized during your day-to-day work?" or "How would you ensure attendance records remain up to date?"

Interpersonal Skills

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Attendance clerks interact with the staff of an organization or students of an institution. They also interact with their manager, other senior management and fellow staff members. Having strong interpersonal skills helps develop strong working relationships with colleagues at all levels of the organization. Potential questions that provide human resource managers with an overview of interpersonal skills include, "How do you develop strong working relationships with your peers?" and "How do you use your interpersonal skills to develop effective work relationships?"

Time Management

Time management is a must-have skill for an attendance clerk. Time during the day must be devoted to taking attendance, updating files, checking email, responding to questions from managers and completing any required professional development reading. A brief amount of time per day is also allotted to answering phone calls related to company business and attending staff meetings and relevant updates. Having the ability to manage competing priorities is another core skill for an attendance clerk. Questions such as, "How do you manage your time to deal with competing priorities?" provide interview panels with an opportunity to gauge time-management abilities.

Conflict Resolution

Managing conflict and dealing with issues is another part of the daily work for an attendance clerk. Staff, students or other clients of the attendance clerk may have issues with days they were reported absent or have issues with how the absence was reported. Asking interviewees, "How do you approach conflict on the job?" and "How do you deal with an employee who is upset because he has missed time?" provide a glimpse into how the employee will react during challenging situations.


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