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Interview Expections for Assistant Director of Nursing

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It is very important to prepare yourself as much as possible before any job interview. When applying for an assistant director of nursing position, try to think of questions you might be asked pertaining to your skills, experience and knowledge in the field of nursing. Think of specific examples to demonstrate the abilities your prospective employer is looking for.

Ensure that You Are Qualified

Before going for the job interview, review the job posting information to ensure that you have the qualifications that the prospective employer is looking for. Typically, that would mean a bachelor's degree in nursing with two years of supervisory experience in a health care facility. An associate degree in nursing or a nursing diploma with four years of supervisory experience in a health care facility might be acceptable. A current license to practice as a registered nurse in your state is also expected.

Experience Expectations

When you are being interviewed for an assistant nursing director position, you will be asked questions about relevant experience. Prepare yourself for these questions by citing specific examples to demonstrate that you have the appropriate experience. You may be asked to give an example of how you resolved a conflict between two nurses, how well you did completing an audit for the director, or how you assisted the nursing director in addressing department deficiencies. You may also be asked hypothetical questions, such as how you would manage patient abuse allegations.

Nursing Practice Knowledge

During your job interview to become an assistant nursing director, you may be asked about general nursing/medical practices. If you are applying for a position at a long-term patient facility, for example, you would be expected to know about the regulations and laws that govern long-term health care facilities in your state. You may be asked about the practices, principles and ethical responsibilities involved in the supervision of nurses. It is always best to give specific examples, when possible, to demonstrate your knowledge on these subjects.


An assistant director of nursing is expected to enjoy working with patients, so be sure to mention that in your job interview. Give examples to show that you are capable of developing and implementing improvement initiatives and that you have excellent communication skills to work with nurses, patients and the director of nursing. You will be expected to competently read and analyze statistical reports, so be prepared to cite any related skills or experience involving reports.


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