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Salary of Baseball Groundskeepers

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If the idea of working in the realm of baseball appeals to you, becoming a coach or player is not the only route you can pursue. Groundskeepers also work for major league and minor league franchises to keep the field in good condition during the season. These jobs tend to fall into the broader employment categories of turf management or groundskeeping.

A Niche Job

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have a job category specific to baseball groundskeepers. Instead, it groups them in with landscaping and groundskeeping workers who work for a variety of different organizations. These workers earned a median salary of $23,940 as of May 2013. However, the BLS reports that only a small percentage of them are employed in a recreational or amusement capacity, and the job market in this sector can be competitive. The path toward earning more or working at a higher level, such as for a major league baseball franchise, may involve earning a bachelor's degree in turf management. According to Delaware Valley College, people trained in turf management can expect to earn an annual wage between $35,000 and $100,000.


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