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What Items Are Typically Included in the Job Description?

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A job description provides job seekers with application information for any given job. It should include all of the specific details applicants would need to know about a specific position they are applying for. Each of the elements included in a job description ultimately serves to bring in the right candidate for the job by allowing them to become familiar with what to expect from the company.

Job Summary

A job description is generally a short paragraph of four to five sentences that includes a summary of the particular positions that are open with any certain company. This includes a description of exactly what the positions entail and what kind of duties are expected while working at this particular job. It also includes the responsibilities that a person can expect to fulfill if given the position. Overall, a job description provides all the essential information any job searchers would need to know while looking for a job.


A job description includes the qualifications any given position requires, and the level of skill that is necessary to get the job. Some of the elements that may be included in the qualifications portion of a job description are education and work experience as well as certain physical requirements a job might call for. It may also include any specialized knowledge needed to fulfill the position. For example, a job may call for expertise in medical fields, finance, literary arts or mechanical maintenance. Job seekers need to know these qualifications to determine if the job is right for them.

Special Skills

Job descriptions include a list of special skills that an employer needs to see in a potential job candidate. These necessary skills could include professional skills, or skills a person has received in similar positions to the one in the job description. A job description may also include a list of desired interpersonal skills such as effective communication skills, leadership skills, customer service skills and business skills. The skill set listed on a job description is important so that employers can find the most qualified person for the job.

Personal Qualities

A job description may include a list of necessary personal qualities for any particular job. Personal qualities go beyond qualifications and specialized skill sets because they are directly related to a job searcher's personality. A job description may include this section to attract candidates that would fit in most harmoniously within a particular company. Personal qualities include a person's overall demeanor, personal behavior and preferences, level of resourcefulness and ability to remain professional while executing any given task.


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