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What Type of Industry Do Veterinarians Belong To?

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Like all businesses, the veterinary industry is classified by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced “nakes”). This system was established by the U.S., Canadian and Mexican governments as a consistent coding system for economic analysis by business, researchers, academia, government and the general public. NAICS replaced the Standard Industrial Code (SIC) system in 1997. The NAICS classifies veterinarians as part of the veterinary services industry.


The NAICS code for the type of industry veterinarians belong to is 541940. The industry is defined by NAICS as “licensed veterinary practitioners primarily engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine, dentistry or surgery for animals; and establishments primarily engaged in providing testing services for licensed veterinary practitioners.”

Code Breakdown

The first two digits of the NAICS industry classification code, 54, classify the veterinary industry as part of Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. The next two digits (5419) subclassify that category into Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Adding the final two digits (541940) completes the type of industry that veterinarians belong to: Veterinary Services.

What Is Included

The 541940 Veterinary Services classification includes animal hospitals, surgery, laboratory services, disease testing and laboratories for pets, livestock and zoo animals.

What Is Not Included

Animal-related services not included as part of the Veterinary Services industry 541940 include veterinary research and development services, animal boarding, pet grooming, animal breeding and pet transportation.


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