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The Duties & Responsibilities of Being a Fashion Designer

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Everything you wear has been designed by a fashion designer. That could be a designer for a fashion label or a designer for a department store line. The entire process from conception to show or wear starts with the fashion designer. However, the duties and responsibilities of a fashion designer are not limited to items of clothing.

Concept and Creation Duties

Creating sketches of design ideas is how a lot of fashion designers begin the creation of their garments. It is at this stage a fashion designer puts her visions into a more tangible format. Experimenting with color combinations and complementary garments and accessories first takes place at this stage. Then, the fashion designer needs to find the right materials to bring her sketches to life. Sewing samples, test garments and eventually the final piece are all part of a fashion designer’s duties.

Supervising Duties and Marketing

A fashion designer who is more established in the industry is likely to have staff assisting with his duties. This can mean the duty of a fashion designer extends to supervising staff whose role is to sew garments or make patterns. Managing staff means a fashion designer’s duties are divided between creating his line and managing people. A fashion designer works hard to create a brand that consumers can recognize. For this reason, marketing the brand or label is just as important as creating it. Some designers may choose to market themselves while others may employ the services of a marketing or advertising agency.

Fashion Trends Responsibilities

Established fashion designers have a big responsibility to their brand as well as their clientele to remain on top of fashion trends. Customers look to fashion designers to know what’s hot and what’s not. Fashion trends generally change seasonally, so a designer is responsible for keeping on top of those changes and more importantly having a good understanding of future trends. This means a fashion designer needs to attend fashion shows at a national and international level, understand what is important to their target clientele and keep up to date with any developments in the fashion and entertainment industries. In addition, the fashion designer must keep a close eye on known trendsetters such as movie stars, socialites and musicians.

Business Responsibilities

To be a successful fashion designer, you cannot solely rely on creative talents. There is a hard-nosed business behind the chic exterior of the fashion world. A fashion designer is responsible for managing her label as a business. This could mean securing premises for retail stores or manufacturing, negotiating deals with suppliers or retailers or finding investors to fund the label and anything in between. Whether a fashion designer has the right business acumen can determine her level of success in the industry.

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