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What Professional Jobs Can a Felon Have?

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Getting a job with a felony conviction on your record can be extremely difficult. Many companies have employment guidelines that exclude convicted felons from employment. Even ex-felons who have truly changed their lives and have paid their debt to society are seen as social outcasts and unreliable workers. This is not always the case; there are individuals who have been able to put their criminal past behind them, become productive members of society and maintain gainful employment. Although the options may be limited, there are professional jobs that are less likely to rule out ex-felons for employment.

UPS Driver

If it has been a reasonable amount of time since your felony conviction, you may be able to obtain employment at UPS. The company does conduct background checks and drugs screening for some careers.

Career in the Military

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An individual with a felony conviction may be able to obtain a felony waiver by the U.S. military. There are restrictions on the allowable crimes. The Army will not issue waivers for sexual violence, drug trafficking or alcohol-related charges.

Professional Truck Driver

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Trucking companies offer job opportunities to felons with a current truck driving license. Truck driving licenses require the passage of a general knowledge test, combination vehicle test and air brakes test. Truck driving schools prepare students for the written examination and test to obtain a commercial driver’s license.


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Starting your own business is an option for those with felony convictions. Businesses such as barbering and auto maintenance are ideal, because they require minimal training and offer unlimited income potential.


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