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Cubicle Jobs

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Many jobs performed in large corporations are done in cubicles. A cubicle allows workers all to be in one area but have their own separate space and a little bit of privacy. Some people do not like the cubicle environment while others seem to do perfectly well in them. There are many types of occupations that are "cubicle jobs."

Customer Service Representative

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A lot of customer service work is done from cubicles. There are individuals who answer consumer phone calls in large corporations and their environment is usually called a "call center." These kinds of jobs are done in businesses such as utility companies, insurance companies and banks. The call center representatives make sure that the customer feels valued and that their questions or concerns are handled promptly and in a professional manner.

Administrative Assistant

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Administrative assistants assist other professionals in a business, usually by providing clerical support. Their work is typically done from a cubicle near the person or department in which they are working. Sometimes they take on a receptionist's role, answering calls and scheduling appointments for the individual or team they are supporting. Other times, the job is strictly clerical and the person is performing such tasks as typing, filing and ordering supplies.

Social Services Worker

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Social Services workers provide support to the community in a lot of different agencies. The Department of Public Welfare, the Department on Aging and Children, Youth and Families are all social service agencies that provide assistance to individuals who need help with finances and community resources. Social Services workers often work from cubicles, which gives their clients a little bit of privacy when discussing sensitive information. Even children's services workers who go out in the field do the clerical portion of their job from a cubicle.

Insurance Workers

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There are many different types of jobs done in insurance companies and many are done from cubicles. Customer service representatives work from cubicles and take calls from customers who have questions about their coverage or insurance claims. Claims reviewers, insurance salespeople and workers who handle medical billing also frequently work from cubicles. Insurance companies also include administrative assistants who provide clerical support to different departments and they frequently work from cubicles.


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