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What are Personal Profile Questions?

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Personal profile questions are usually presented in graphical analysis form. They ask the user or member to explain different characteristics and preferences of a personal nature. These types of profiles are usually an outline of the person's likes and dislikes. They are used for many reasons including dating profiles, online social networks or by employers offering employment through job boards. Personal profile questions typically follow a basic protocol for users or members and are produced with a measure of diversity.

Personal Information

Many personal profiles ask the initial questions of first and last name, date of birth, height, weight, hair and eye color, status of current health, state and city of residence, occupation and marital status. Dating profiles may exclude marital status questions. Other questions to be considered under personal information include: Are you a smoker? How many children do you have?

Education Level

Whether the profile is designed by employers, online social networks or dating websites, questions related to education levels generally arise. Depending on the depth of questions, profiles may ask for the high school you graduated from, college major and degree earned. Employer profiles may go further and ask what type of compensation you hope to earn and your current amount of compensation.

Personal Preferences

Social networks and dating profiles are may ask the individual about several personal preferences that, in a sense, complete the user or member as a person. Personal preference questions can go from one end of the spectrum to the other. These include asking about alcohol consumption, how often and how much. They may ask if you are a traveler or would like to travel in the future. Questions about having children or having additional children may also be included. Personal profile questions may include asking about pet preferences, which includes likes and dislikes. Dating profile questions may ask what type of person you like and what type of personality and characteristics that person must exhibit.

Other Personal Profile Questions

Profilers may ask about special interests or hobbies, including details explaining what areas the individual excels in the most. Most personal profile questions on a dating profile are about the individual’s hopes and plans for the future, and aspects of life that are most important to the person.


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