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Ways to Make $150 in a Week

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Make $150 a week or more by just putting in a few extra hours each day. There are various jobs which can be completed on the side, while attending school or working full-time, to help you earn an extra $150 a week. Know your strengths and skills and find ways to put them to use. You do not have to work at a fast food restaurant or at a call center. There are other options. Babysitting, pet-sitting, freelance writing and tutoring can be some of the ways you can make $150 a week.


The typical hourly rate for most babysitters is about $10. Babysitting just three hours per day, Monday through Friday, could make you $150 per week. Put out fliers indicating your availability and contact information in local schools and nurseries. Sign up on an Internet babysitters site such as Sittercity, stating your experience, contact information and preferred hourly wage. People searching for babysitters in your area will be able to contact you for their kids.


Similar to babysitting, pet-sitting can get you about $150 per week for just a few hours of pet-sitting a day. Pet-sitters for animals that require more attention, such as dogs, may receive more than $25 per hour. Post fliers in local veterinarians offices or pet food stores. Advertise your expertise online using Craigslist, or use a free pet sitting organization such as Pet Sitters International, where people searching of pet-sitters can find and contact you easily.

Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing, search online for available freelance writing jobs. Many websites look for writers to build their content. Some magazines and newspapers take on freelance writers for various projects. Many freelance positions pay between $10 to $15 per article, with opportunities to earn more. This means you may have to spend about a dozen hours a week to earn $150. Freelance writers are often needed for a wide range of topics. These positions are often advertised on online job boards such as Craigslist and Monster.


Tutoring for a few hours per day in your specialty can make good money. If your strength is English, math, or a foreign language, consider tutoring high school or, if you are a senior, college students. Inquire at various high schools about tutoring opportunities and research online for tutoring opportunities in your area. Depending on your expertise, you can earn between $10 and $25 per hour, which could add up to $150 a week after only five or six hours of tutoring services.


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