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Fun Games to Do at a Morning Sales Meeting

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Sales meetings are an opportunity for team building and networking, as well as skill development. Introducing fun games to morning sales meetings will heighten engagement and heighten that sense of team work. Shake it up and introduce different games at different meetings. Members of the sales team can also take on the task of planning meetings with members from other parts of the organization they may not work closely with daily.

Get Physical

Tell your sales reps to bring sneakers and wear something other than a favorite suit such as track pants and a T-shirt. Get physical with a hula hoop or jump rope contest or old-fashioned games such as a three-legged race. Award points and prizes for performance, spirit and participation. Physical fitness energizes and refreshes; wake up the motivation of your sales teams with an adrenaline rush. This is also an ideal way of encouraging healthy living among your sales team. Expand on this idea with a full day of physical fitness challenges and teams assigned from different sales departments.

Guess the Coffee

Ask a local coffee connoisseur to lead a morning coffee tasting. Let your sales reps sample different blends of coffee from different regions of the world. Staff members have to guess, blindfolded, where the coffee originated from and if it is a dark, light or medium roast. You can also have a tea-tasting event, with different kinds of teas, or an exotic fruit-tasting game. Provide like-themed prizes, such as a basket of gourmet coffee and tea or a exotic fruit-of-the-month club subscription, with this set of games.

Comedic Presentations on the Everyday

A sales meeting is also an opportunity for sprucing up core sales skills, such as presentation skills. Bring an assortment of everyday goods, such as pens and pencils, coffee mugs and laptop cords in a basket into the meeting. Assign each participant a good and ask him to make up a three jokes or fun facts about the particular good. Let members of the team vote on a winner and award prizes such as extended lunch or coffee breaks or corporate sweaters and coffee mugs.

Sales Mad Libs and Giant Scrabble Game

Make up a mad libs game and have your staff add words related to your products and services or add words that relate to your industry. This game takes about an hour with a small to mid-size sales team. If you have more time, consider having a giant Scrabble game displayed on a projection board and playing corporate Scrabble is another idea. Implement a rule that all words must relate to company values, products or services.

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