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Salary for a Body Language Expert

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Anyone who's ever wanted to improve his non-verbal communication to get a promotion or meet that special someone may have worked with a body language expert. Body language experts usually teach their skills at seminars or work with police departments or social workers to determine whether people are lying. Their salaries are highly contingent on experience and the industry in which they work. Likewise, demand for body language experts is contingent on their industry. Those who teach non-verbal skills to others create demand by advertising their services.

Salary at $68,000

Body language experts earned average salaries of $68,000 as of 2014, according to the Indeed job site. It can take many years to learn the techniques of body language experts. A candidate can start by taking courses and working for a body language expert. They may also pursue bachelor's degrees in psychology, behavioral science or communications.

Wide Pay Variances in West

In 2014, Indeed reported the widest pay differences among body language experts in the West region, where they averaged a low of $42,000 in Hawaii and a high of $73,000 in California. Salaries varied the least in the Northeast, where average salaries ranged from $60,000 a year in Maine to to $82,000 in New York. In the South, annual salaries ranged from $61,000 in Louisiana to $86,000 in Washington, D.C. In the Midwest, they ranged from $50,000 in Nebraska to $77,000 in Illinois.

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