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Husky Molding Machine Specifications

Husky is a company that manufactures injection molding equipment for the plastics industry. Its machines are used to make such plastic products as bottles and caps, food containers, medical supplies, and electronic parts. Husky is an international company with facilities in Canada, the United States, Luxembourg, and China. It currently manufactures four types of molding machines: Hylectric, HyPET, HyCAP, and HyPAC.

Hylectric Specifications

The Husky Hylectric molding machine has a clamp that uses wide tiebar spacing; closed-loop, low force mold protection; mold break force that is up to 10 percent of the clamp force; and Euromap or SPI mounting faces. The injection system utilizes a closed-loop control of the injection speed that is hold pressure, back pressure, and fill pressure limiting. The injection system uses a ring or ball check valve and supports a barrel that is RS45 and above. The Hylectric has a Polaris Control -- Intel processor with a Windows operating system that does have user-programmable functions. It has a 20,000 machine event log and it saves and ouputs 10,000 cycles of process values. The hydraulic system uses an independent "servo valve" to control the clamp tonnage, mold stroke, and injection, and it has a centralized oil collection and recovery system.

HyPET Specifications

The HyPET is a preform injection molding system that comes in seven sizes, each weighing between 90 and 650 tons and each for molds between 2 and 192 cavities. Each of the HyPET systems can produce between 360 and 110,000 preforms per hour. It has a CoolPik system, which has four cycles of balanced cooling on the inner and outer surfaces of the preform. Like the Hylectric, the HyPET uses a Polaris Control-Intel processor with a Windows operating system. You can choose optional control packages that integrate auxiliaries and downstream part-handling equipment.

HyCAP Specifications

The HyCAP molding machine is based on the Hylectric platform. It's a 72-cavity machine that can run 2.5 second cycles and produce 26 mm closures that weigh less than 1 gram. The closures on the HyCAP screw, and the machine uses an altanium temperature controller. The hot-runner manifolds are thermally optimized, which means heat is distributed evenly. All of the elements of the machine are integrated within the Polaris HMI operating system.

HyPAC Specifications

The Husky HyPAC molding machine was created for the packaging market. The HyPAC uses hydraulic powers and controls that are found where you use them on the machine. The pin shut-off reduces drool by 90 percent when compared to typical nozzles used in the industry, and direct drive injection unit allows 30 percent more plasticizing as compared to comparable machines. Like the other Husky machines, the HyPAC uses a Polaris control processor.


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