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How to Succeed in ADM2381 at uOttawa

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This article is written specifically for students taking ADM 2381 at the University of Ottawa.

The article helps prepare students in writing their weekly short (5 page) report and in preparing its presentation.

Register for ADM2381 at the undergrad office at uOttawa's School of Management. Once registered, show up to class and take notes or follow the notes found at These notes are mostly relevant to the mid-term, otherwise they're simply nice concepts one should be applying to their schoolwork regardless of the course (time-allocation, cultural sensitivity, etc.).

A few weeks into the course, students are broken into smaller groups. In step two, you finally get to meet your TA. Listen to your TA and their suggestions.

After class, begin writing your report as early as possible. Make sure the report is five pages (where the first is the intro, three pages for the body and one page for the conclusion). Never use first person, make sure your letter or memo is properly formated according to the book (or to the example found at the URL mentioned earlier), use the proper citation method according to the course standards (end-notes, no foot-notes), read more at

Upon submission of the report, the presentation can be made. Prepare the slides according to the standards of the course. More on that at One slide corresponds to each page of the report, no title slide, use black slides at beginning and end, use a background leaving no white spaces and you could even change the bullets to a custom icon for extra creativity (provided it be relevant). Include an original image on each slide (meaning do a better job for clip-art than found on this How To) using images found at or your digital camera (if you don't have a digital camera, try to borrow one). Print the finished presentation on transparent sheets and bring an electronic copy on a jump-drive and CD-RW.

To present the report in class, use body language, smile the entire time, never create shadow on the slide, wear the monkey suit, include a relevant quote in your presentation (easiest way to obtain points for creative element), arrive at least five minutes early to choose when you will present (if this matters to you) and to avoid risking being late and make sure you've used the full space allocated to your presentation.

Repeat steps as of the last sentence in step two each week until all evaluations and final examination have been completed.


Read and download the linked files. If you read the link in the above tip, you probably do not need the text book, meaning you can save some cash. Borrow the text book from a collegue if you can, however the URL mentioned in the first tip is much more relevant to ADM2381.


This course is best taken during a summer semester. I would discourage taking this course, on top of 2+ others and working part-time. This course alone has the work load of four courses. Avoid dropping the course unless you overestimated your capacities and did not read my first warning. Avoid taking this course during difficult times (death in the family, surgery, ice storms, etc.). This is the least forgiving course I've ever taken. The penalties are fairly serious. Avoid mistakes leading to penalties at all costs! The course is evolving. If any of the information either here or at the provided URL is out of date, please take those changes into consideration.