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How to Start a Hair Salon for Kids

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If you enjoy working with children and have a genuine desire for running a hair salon, you might want to consider opening a hair salon for kids. The professional hair care business is alive and well, and is a reliable way to make a living. According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics, the upper 10 percent of cosmetologists earned more than $20.41 an hour in 2008. With the proper training and a solid business plan, starting a hair salon for kids could mean big profits.

Get the proper training for becoming a hair stylist. In most states, this means graduating from a cosmetology program and passing the state licensing exam. Check with your state cosmetology board to find out the exact steps to take to become licensed.

Secure a location for your salon. Make sure it easily accessible for your customers. The ideal location is also one that is highly visible and in an area where there is a substantial amount of passing traffic. Strip malls and shopping plazas fall into this category.

Select a catchy name that is easy to remember. The name should also indicate that your hair salon is for kids. As an example, the name “Cuts for Kids” is easy to remember and clearly lets the public know that your business caters to children.

Obtain a license to operate your kid salon business. Contact the governing offices in the city where your business is located to find out where to apply for your license. Usually, the city’s finance department or treasurer’s office oversees the business licensing process.

Attain the proper insurance to run your kid hair salon business. The business licensing department will inform you of any insurance requirements for your type of business.

Acquire equipment and supplies for your salon. This may include barber chairs, mirrors, hair grooming utensils, shampoos, conditioners, shampoo bowls, etc.

Create a kid-friendly atmosphere. Purchase brightly colored chairs and tables instead of just the usual black, gray or white. Set up a play area for children to indulge in while they wait to be seen. It might also be a good idea to mount a TV in a corner where you can show popular children’s movies. In addition, set out children’s books and magazines on the tables for children to read.

Promote your business with a grand opening to gain customers. In addition, run a direct mail marketing campaign to keep customers informed about your business. Run newspaper insert ads in the Sunday paper.


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