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How to Organize a Fun Adult Scavenger Hunt Road Rally

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A road rally is a kind of motorized sport. It is a competition of accuracy not speed. Participants are sent out in driver-navigator pairs on a pre-determined course, with a goal of navigating the course from start to finish with precision, arriving at the final destination neither early nor late. The amount of time it should take each car to reach the designated checkpoints is based on the speed limit and minimum distance. A road rally scavenger hunt requires the driver and navigator to decode clues to reach each checkpoint, and take digital pictures to document their route, while still maintaining the most accurate travel time possible.

Organize a sign-up. Determine how many vehicles with two or more passengers will be competing. This will give you an idea of how large the event you are planning will be. Give yourself leeway for a few late sign-ups.

Select a cause. Many road rallies are organized as fundraisers for local charities.

Organize a means for people to offer monetary support. The simplest way to organize donations is to have each team pay an entry fee or have friends, family and local businesses sign up as sponsors for their team, pledging a certain amount of money per mile or per scavenger item found.

Set a route. Try to arrange a route that is visually interesting and has some worthwhile landscape views. This is an opportunity for locals rediscover local beauty and out-of-towners to discover why you love the local area. Consider adding state parks and historical sites, major tourist attractions and local landmarks to your route.

Select a theme. The American Cancer Society Road Rally in Vancouver, Washington, selected an 1980s theme in 2011. All participates wore '80s-themed attire.

Create a list of creative clues to move teams from location to location. Clues should be clear enough to be solved by each team in a timely fashion, but still pose a enough of a challenge to be fun.

Create a list of tasks that are safe and time friendly. For example, go through a fast food drive-thru and ask for a small order of french fries with exactly three fries for each person in the car, or order a burger and ask that it be cut into exactly four slices. Assign a digital camera to each team and require that photographic evidence be taken of each task that is completed.

Decide on prizes. Prizes might include ribbons, trophies or even a cash prize for the first-, second- and third-place finishers.


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