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How to Obtain a Georgia Used Motorcycle Dealer License

If you are interested in becoming a motorcycle dealer in Georgia, you must pass a background and criminal history check before you can receive a license. Additionally, Georgia requires a surety bond and the completion of pre-licensing seminar. There are also a myriad of different application forms to complete. Georgia requires a lot of information from used vehicle dealers because of the potential for abuse and misconduct by unscrupulous persons. Although it seems like a lot of red tape, the process is not that difficult if you know where to start.

Navigate to the IRS website and apply for an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. The automated application process only takes a few minutes, and you can receive the EIN instantly in most cases (see "Resources").

Find and attend a Georgia-certified “Pre-Licensing” seminar for motor vehicle dealers. The Georgia Secretary of State website has a list of approved seminars and contact information for each. Choose a provider, then register for the seminar and pay the fee. As of January 2011, the cost for the “Pre-Licensing” seminar is $95 (see "Resources").

Find and obtain a location for your business location. Whether you purchase or lease property, ensure you receive the proper documentation, as it will be needed as proof of a business location when you apply for the motor vehicle dealer’s license. Call the telephone company and have a landline telephone installed at the location. Finally, have a sign contractor install a permanent sign at the location.

Navigate to the Georgia Secretary of State website (see "Resources"). Download the “Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Application Packet” and save it to your computer. Print the forms out.

Purchase a surety bond in the amount of $35,000 from an insurer or surety company licensed in Georgia. Ensure the surety bond includes the legal name of the business and has an attached power of attorney certificate with your signature. Ensure the surety bond expires March 31 of the next even-numbered year. For instance, if you receive surety bond 2011, it must have an expiration date of March 31, 2012. If you purchase a surety bond in 2012, it must not expire until March 31, 2014.

Purchase a business insurance policy for the business. Purchase a policy that adequately covers the number of motorcycles you intend to display at your motorcycle dealership, as well as other assets of the business. Ensure the certificate of insurance clearly states the policy number, coverage limits and legal business name.

Take photographs of your business location, landline telephone and outdoor business sign. At a minimum, you must include at least 10 photos with your dealership application.

Register for a criminal background check (see "Resources"). Once you register for the background check, pay the fee -- $55 as of January 2011 -- and schedule a visit to an approved law enforcement agency in your area. Go to the law enforcement office at the scheduled time for an interview and fingerprinting.

Browse to the Georgia Department of Revenue website. Download Form CRF-002, “State Tax Registration Application.” Fill out the form and sign it. Mail the form to the following address:

Georgia Department of Revenue Registration and Licensing Unit P.O. Box 49512 Atlanta, Georgia 30359-1512


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